Pure Gin.


Discover GIOIA

Give life GIOIA.

The already noticeable mediterranean influence in Styria
inspired us to create a special Gin with distinctivee flavors.
That led us to the name GIOIA Gin.

Because “la gioia“ [dʒɔija] stands for

joy, pleasure
     & fun

The idea was
at the beginning

Spirit from wheat, mixed with a variety of selected botanicals, processed by maceration, leads to the perfect distillate.

Decisive for the mediterranean flavor of our GIOIA Gin is the special spice blend of juniper berries, apples, limes, lemons, oranges, cubeb pepper, coriander and more.

With the purest, clean, low-lime and low-sodium water of the highest quality, the absolute pure spirit is reduced to 45% alcohol. This leads us to the variety of flavors of GIOIA Gin.

the goal was

the goal was

Enjoy life.
Enjoy GIOIA Gin Fizz.

GIOIA Gin Fizz, a ready to drink cocktail –
the cool drink for every hot party.

The balanced taste with the slightly refreshing aroma in GIOIA Gin was the ideal starting point for us.

The mediterranean flavor was further expanded and the alcohol content lowered. GIOIA Gin Fizz was found.


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